The Benefits Of Eating Meat

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There are many ways to eat. Many people don’t usually care what they are eating and they think any food still gives them the energy to do their work. Children would rather eat meat than vegetables. Why is that? Do they know what is in the meat that is good for them? The answer is no. Not a lot of children know what they are eating and usually only eat what they like. However, they start to change their eating habits when they grow. Eating meat is not really a problem for everyone, but there are many problems caused by consuming too much meat. But the biggest I think that it could lead to health issues, environmental effects, and it is unfair to the animals. The main concern about consuming meat is that it could lead to bad health and …show more content…
Animals have their right to live and they help us produce things. I mean can you imagine being in a slaughter house? How do people have courage to do all this? I know animals are also part of our natural energy resource, but why they get caged, tortured and live in just a small place. They don’t have their freedom (Carlson). Some like PETA, believe that every creature has their right to live free from pain. Pregnant sows are kept in disgustingly small cages and couldn’t able to turn around. Newborn calf gets separate from the mother and they are not allowed to drink the milk their mother produce, but the milk for human consumption only (Ketler, 2014). How is it fair for the animal? These people say animals are equal to human, but in the natural order, it’s not true. Many others believe humans have more abilities to say and do whatever we want and animals cannot think or speak like us, so humans are on a higher level than animals ( But instead of torturing and forcing them to live in such an unhealthy environment, why can’t we just take care of them in a better way so we can have a good quality in the product and improve the life of the

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