Why Is It Important To Eat Macros?

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Introduction: All our lives many opportunities pass us by due to procrastination. From cleaning our rooms to scheduling dentist appointments, everyone is guilty of telling themselves, “It can wait.” Whether something is procrastinated five minutes or five years, it can impact the quality of our lives. According to the Huffington Post in 2011 the number of U.S. deaths surpassed 2.5 million for the first time in our nation’s history (Stobbe, 2012). Although they can be attributed to a variety of causes the most troublesome cause is obesity. On NBC’s “Today Show”, Dr. Snyderman stated that obesity is the fastest growing threat in the U.S.; being associated with one in every five deaths (2013). Although there are many aspect to having a healthy …show more content…
Before deciding what to consume, people should research their individual nutritional requirements. These daily requirements are known as “macros”, and most nutritional websites will list the macros needed after a short quiz. “Macros” is a term pertaining to carbs, protein, fats, calories, vitamins, minerals, ect.
i. After inputting an individual’s height, weight, age, gender, and level of activity most websites will show a list of recommended daily macros. ii. “Macros” is a term pertaining to carbs, protein, fats, calories, vitamins, minerals, ect.
b. Following these dietary restrictions can be rewarding, but understanding how these macros affect their bodies is important. Each type of macro will affect how your body functions differently. Calories, carbohydrates, and proteins are the three most important macros to take into account when dieting.
i. Carbohydrates are the bodies’ main source of energy. A lack of carbs is efficient in lowing fat levels, but is can make you tired. Alternatively if more carbs are consumed than can be digested, they will be stored in
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Although cooking meals at home is a more arduous task, it is more cost efficient and satisfying than fast food. A benefit of cooking healthy meals at home is that if it’s at the supermarket it can fit into your daily schedule.
i. If you are interested in cooking for yourself but are afraid of ruining the meal, chicken is very easy to cook and inexpensive. Throwing some chicken on the stove, microwaving frozen broccoli, and fixing microwaveable brown rice is a good way to meet your macros. ii. Although a simple meal can help you meet your macros the repetitive flavor can become boresome. For a more experienced cook a healthy meal can include salmon, filet mignon, or even lamb chop. iii. Cooking at home can includes portioned amounts of a protein, vegetable, and a carbohydrate. Utilizing these food groups the only limitation to your healthy meal will be your cooking skills.
c. Cooking at home is a cheap, healthy, and tasty alternative to buying food while out. Despite all of these being great ideas not all of us have time to prepare food at home. Every once in a while we get caught in between meals and have to eat food from another source, fast food, diner, or other. Eating while out is difficult with many delicious choices being unhealthy. When dining out the macros must be counted, and my only advice is to attempt to have

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