The Benefits Of Different Parenting Styles Essay

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The Benefits of Different Parenting Styles
When a couple is expecting, they take into consideration the multiple aspects of their newborn’s life. The parents will evaluate the community and the economic growth of the area where they reside. In addition, the parents will also choose the best school systems and churches to attend. Parents want the best possible opportunities for their children. Many parents also reflect back onto their own childhood and strive to give their children opportunities that weren’t presented to them. For instance, an individual who grows up in harsh times will want to better themselves from their underprivileged beginnings in order to provide their future children with a better lifestyle than they were afforded. Even those in wealthy families will want prosperity and to establish relationships that will present greater opportunities than they had experienced.
An additional characteristic taken into consideration is the size of the family each parent was raised in. The time spent with family such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins also influence the choice of where the parents may choose to raise their child. If one of the parents was an only child growing up, they may want multiple kids so they can give their child someone to grow up with. Due to their experiences, parents may desire to raise their offspring in a family much like their own. If one of the parents endured an unfavorable experience with their siblings, they may…

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