Competitive Sports Benefits

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Competitive sports are by far and wide the most popular entertainment source in the world and have been since almost always. Whether you are a soccer fan, spell better than anyone around, or would jump in a frantic joy as your favorite football team scores that touchdown. Mankind has always had this burning passion to be competitive with one another. This is a phenomenon that has, still is, and will probably last forever. What can we say games are fun! Also, whether you are playing or viewing there is entertainment for everyone involved.
In the last ten years or so avid fans of video games like League of Legends and Call of Duty, just to name a couple, have been making some substantial income playing competitively with players around the world. Just like Peyton
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Chances are if you are on team you most likely don’t work or go to school. A lot of teams will even buy or rent a house for them to all live in where they practice day in, day out. It can become very stressful work after so long for some. Especially when you are riding on the hope that you win at your next tournament. These teams usually participate in live streams, videos and content that they can then get paid for doing to eventually start a constant flow of income. Soccer is a worldwide known sport, which means that people everywhere can talk to you about soccer. This makes it really easy to get advertisers and sponsors for a big soccer game because they know for a fact it will sell there. Sports like soccer are ve ry engrained in certain societies. Some say soccer is a beautiful dance, this is produced from the simple complexity of soccer. In short to play soccer you need a ball, some people, and a couple nets. What makes it interesting is how it is played. E=Sports have made huge leaps in being more accessible especially with companies like Riot Games, who are constantly helping move the phenomenon

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