The Benefits of Cohabitation Essay

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Cohabitation also called consensual union or de facto marriage; refer to unmarried heterosexual couples living together in an intimate relationship. Until recently, cohabitation as such is not a new phenomenon, there have experienced rapid growth in their cohabitation rates, particularly those in Europe. However, it is often seen as entailing fewer responsibilities at the legal, economic, and even emotional levels, so the author of the article thinks that the disadvantages of cohabitation are

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The types of cohabitation are convenience, testing, Linus Blanket, and Emancipation relationship. More recent trends indicate that perhaps a higher proportion of cohabitors than in the past simply drift into cohabitation because it is more convenient than dating. That is, it makes it easier to be with each other sexually than when living separately. Thus, sexual availability motivates many persons to cohabit rather than to continue dating. Other than that, Living-together results when one or the other dater is looking for an apartment, so saving is the parts of convenience. Sharing an apartment is less expensive than maintaining two separate ones. Couples who move together for such reasons generally do not think long term and this arrangement is currently pleasant, economically advantageous, and less complicated. Some even move in together to escape from their families. Normally, people whom committing this relationship just want to test the water. For many young couples, living together may serve the function of testing to see if they can graduate to a more permanent relationship, whether long-term cohabitation or marriage.

Furthermore, the Linus Blanket relationship is a cohabitating relationship that is founded on exactly that the overwhelming needs to be involved with somebody. The overwhelming sense of need seems to permeate young people today. A person in this relationship fell so needy and cling
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