The Benefits Of Clinical Integration Essay

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Clinical integration is a collaborative effort between different types of clinicians that work with patients to ensure quality care. The efforts can also reduce health care costs. Many studies have proven the benefits of clinical integration in improving patient outcomes and reducing health care costs (Clark, Savitz, & Pingree, 2010; Conrad, 1993; AHA,2015). Others on the other hand, have only analyzed the effects of specific chronic problems to reduce cost (Shiver,2007; Valenti, 2001). There have been other analyses done that looked specifically at the use of technology to improve patient outcomes (Porterfield, eEngelbert, Coustasse & Alberto, 2014; Ng, Finnigan, Connellan & Coward, 2014; Siebert, Guthrie & Adamo, 2004). This paper will argue the need to research the benefits of clinical integration based on using technology to facilitate clinical integration, which is a continuous process of coordinating and collaborating patient care across the care continuum. This integration supports improving quality of care, reducing or controlling the cost of care and improving access and patient satisfaction.
Article One
In this article the authors focused on cost cutting measures that would not negatively affect patient care. The health care organization in this study implemented a clinical integration strategy, which focused on eight clinical programs. Any improvements considered had to enhance “patient safety, clinical excellence, and operational efficiency. If they met…

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