The Benefits Of Being Bilingual Essay

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The benefits of being bilingual as opposed to being monolingual are extremely rewarding, as it provides more effective social skills, helps people’s cognitive processes to improve, and aids in becoming an effective and focused person that will do well in life. This is exhibited in psychological, social and economic situations. Being bilingual is advantageous in today 's society as it has become nearly imperative in business. Because so much of the world is now connected through finance, being bilingual is a necessity for negotiating efficiently. Another example would be missionary and other feilds similar to it. The peace corps and other international groups travel to areas that are extremely poor and that contain many people living in poverty. Because a large amount of people in these countries have little to no English skills, it is critical to speak their language, even if only a little, in order to efficiently communicate with the citizens and accomplish goals.
In the early 1920 's, a common fear was that raising a bilingual child could cause linguistic disadvantages. This concern led to the belief that being bilingual was what is called a "language handicap". A language handicap is associated with issues involving grammar and a smaller range of vocabulary (Hakuta). Recent studies show that people who are bilingual are shown to perform better than those who are monolingual on cognitive test, despite age, gender and race. The results of abounding studies have…

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