Benefits Of Being An American

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If someone were to ask you “What is an American?”, most people would state that we have the power of freedom. Others would say we have many opportunities and big dreams that we hope for in the future. America is full of many life-changing possibilities, and you will have many different opportunities that you will encounter. In other countries, most people are slaves, they aren’t able to do what they want, or they aren’t able to fulfill their dreams that they had set aside. That’s where America is different than other countries. We actually have the chance to make all our dreams come true and live a happy life without people saying anything about what you can or cannot do. Being an American doesn’t mean that you have to be from here. It means …show more content…
In life, there’s not much opportunities for many people, so take what others offer and don’t take things for granted. Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. If you want to lead your life successfully and happily, be alert and prepared to hear the call of the opportunity that may come at any moment. “Giving someone the chance to live a better life than what they had growing up” (Caitlin Brown, Jean). She believes that everyone deserves a second chance to do better and hopefully in time they learned from their mistakes that they made before. They just have to learn that the past is the past. In America, people should take the time to actually start fresh and not always be stuck with the past and move forward to a better future. “Policeman or even a doctor and in America we can choose”(Caitlin Brown ,Aidan). He has the choice to think of what he wants to become in the future without anyone saying he can’t do it. Most people want to benefit life, take what you got now cause it’s not going to wait forever. When you come to America you should be happy and do things that you couldn’t before. It may not be perfect but it’s a place where you have very many chances and it’s your time to have fun and be capable to do things the way you like. “ To be able to work hard and achieve your greatness” (Caitlin Brown, Ahn). Greatness isn 't handed to anyone, it requires a lot of hard work. If you keep trying and practicing what you trying to do then you will become good at it. Push past your limits so you can grow further. Just think of different ways to improve yourself or different ways to reach your goals.Reaching greatness won’t be easy, it takes a lot of dedication to get there. No matter what skill and ability you want to become good at, you need perseverance and determination to make your way till you reach the

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