The Benefits Of Autism

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Autism is the most rapid growing developmental disorder in the U.S. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both similar terms for a group of complicated disorders of brain development. Spectrum Disorders are characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and communication skills with the presence of extremely odd behaviors. Autism is a spectrum condition meaning that while all individuals with autism share somewhat common challenges in their conditions they will all be affected differently. Social communication, interaction and imagination are three main areas of which all of those with autism share. Numerous individuals with ASDs have distinct ways of learning and behaving towards certain situations. Autism
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Some benefits are paid to meets basic living costs. Specific expenses such as rents are paid if the autistic individual meets certain criteria such as working full-time. If the person with autism has care needs or mobility difficulties their disability benefits can be paid, whether or not you are in work or education. Disability living allowance is the disability benefit for ‘Working age’ which mean between the ages of 16-65. Disability Living Allowance can be claimed for children who have difficulty with walking or extra needs. Having a diagnosis of autism will not necessarily lead to an award since Disability Living Allowance is a non-diagnosis specific benefit, but many children with do qualify? If Disability Living Allowance is awarded to a child the parents of the child and to those who are working Tax Credits can be paid. If ones child is granted Disability Living Allowance they can receive additional amounts of Child Tax Credits. If one has a low income and savings they may be entitled to claim Housing Benefits. Those who are working of have some savings can receive money towards their rent. Council Tax Support is a means tested reduction of your bill. Reductions that are not means tested are Council Tax Support depending on who lives in the property. Income support is a means tested benefit that can be paid to those who meet certain criteria such as low income. This can apply to not only parents of children under the age of five but also to those who care for individuals with autism. Universal Credit will replace benefits including Working Tax, Housing Benefit, Child Tax Credit and Income Support. Universal Credit started to apply to new claimants in 2013. If one is not satisfied or disagree with the decision of their benefit they have the right to challenge the

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