The Benefits Of Attending College Essay

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The Myriad Benefits of Attending College
According to the United States National Center for Education Statistics, 20 years ago, there were 14.1 million students in U.S colleges and universities. By 2000, there were 15.3 million, and by 2009, 18.8 million. For fall 2011, the estimated number was up by nearly a million, to a record 19.7 million students. Current research describes the greatest numbers of jobs are going either to those with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or to those with some standard certifications. If you would like to get a promotion, you have to have a higher degree or any standard certifications; otherwise, people will surpass you and will get your position. College is the gateway of examination, innovation, and hypothetical thinking in today’s situation. In addition to the promise of a higher salary, college offers a myriad benefits and opportunity for leading a developed, independent, and methodical life to students who participate in the academic experience. One benefit of attending college is that it helps us improve our decision-making, communications and analytical skills. Companies demand to hire professionals with critical thinking, high communication skills, and analytical-problem solving skills. which are considered the cutting-edge attributes of a candidate for job opportunities in businesses, and these positive efforts are gained by studying in college. College is the primary point of starting a good life, as now students who have…

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