Vegetarian Diet Benefits

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During our entire lives, we learned the health benefits identified with eating meat related to nutritional balance. Meat incorporates a high biological value protein and important micronutrients, all of which are essential for good health. The perception of the effects of a vegetarian diet has gone through a transformation. Because the dietary culture of our society revolves around meat, eggs and dairy milk, and because corporations have been influential over the educational resources that many rely on for information about nutrition, it is understandable that people are uncertain about whether a vegan diet is nutritionally adequate. However, the meat-based diet should stop as it increases human mortality and it affects negatively the environment; …show more content…
When you choose a non-meat diet, your decision make a huge impact in the ecosystem health. The effects caused by the producers of meat include toxic chemical residues in the food chain, pharmaceutical additives in animal feeds, polluting chemicals and animal wastes from feedlot runoff in waterways and underground aquifers, causing the loss of topsoil (Fox 71). The loss of topsoil affects the production of plants. Adopting a vegetarian diet, you are going to stop supporting those businesses who produces food degrading our planet health. Another benefit is the vegetarian lifestyle teach compassion for animals. Unfortunately, these are the data of meat production in United States. Every twenty-four hours, ninety thousand cows and calves are slaughtered. Every minute, fourteen thousand chickens are killed. Sustaining this rate of productivity means poor conditions for animals, as hens are tightly compacted into battery cages with little room for movement, and sows are confined in crates that restrict movement for years on end (Wilson 314). Daily life in a factory farm is one of pain and misery. Animals are the one who suffering the most and instead of we as humans, rational thinkers, help those animals, we do not care about that, just because we love that taste of meat. This behavior is egocentric and selfish. People should start embracing the vegetarian cause right now, or in some years they will be forced to be vegetarians, because is not going to have enough meat to feed

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