Pediatric Hematology Essay

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Patch Adams states that “The purpose of a doctor is generally should not be to simply delay the death of a patient, but to increase the person’s quality of life.Today doctors are viewed as people who see their patient for less than ten minutes and get paid a lot of money for it. People also see them as someone who is always prescribing many medication that are not useful.However,as Patch Adams states the true purpose of a doctor is to increase the quality of life. For example, Hematologists devote their time and resources to treating patients with blood related illnesses. They go above and beyond to make sure their patients cope as comfortably as possible with their illnesses.Before becoming a Pediatric Hematology, one must consider ten …show more content…
After earning a bachelor’s degree, an aspiring doctors must take the Medical College Admission Test. The Medical College Admission Test is a standardized test score which are required to apply to medical school. After passing the M.C.A.T. than you are able to apply to medical school.Pediatric Hematology are in school for ten to twelve years. The student must complete four years of medical school to earn a Doctor of Medicine degree.After four years of medical school a pediatric hematologist must do six years in residency three years in pediatric residency training and another three years training as a pediatric hematology.Residency involves a track such as pathology or pediatrics,internal medicine and any specific hematology or oncology study. During residency, a physician get a hand on learning on how to administer to patient care.After each residency a hematology needs to become board certified. When residency is finished three years of fellwship program is required.In first years the main focus is on pathology or pediatric hematology and oncology.The second and third year of fellowship are focus on specific career tracks. After completing fellowship, now the pediatric hematologist is ready to begin their career

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