Benefit Of A College Education Essay

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Many people don’t have an opportunity to get a college education, but college comes with many benefits. In college classes of many different subjects are offered which allows students to pick anything they’d like. During my time in college I’ve had the chance to explore subjects that I never even knew about in my past years. All of these classes have allowed me to get to know what I enjoy. A college education is important because it allows us to get to know ourselves better. By knowing what I like, it is helping me with my future. A college education is a way for students to find out what their dream job is. Having a job, and having a job that you enjoy are very different things. I wouldn’t want to be a couple years older with a job that I worked hard for, but do not enjoy. …show more content…
By attaining a college degree I hope to also inspire my brother to go to college. When I was younger I didn 't have an older brother or sister to let me know what college was like and why it was important. My parents can 't convince my brother of going to college since they haven 't experienced it, but I know that he will listen to me. Even if he doesn 't end up liking it, I would like him to give it an opportunity. Also if with my college degree I do get a job I will help my parents out. My parents have always given my brother and I everything that we have needed, the least I can do is help them out with their expenses now that they are getting older. My father has been working since he was a young kid and my mother has been working for several years now, and I want them to be able to take a break. They always put us before them, and that is something I will always be thankful for. With my college degree not only can I give to my own community, but also to my own family. I am sure my college education will bring me many great advantages, but these are some of the few I would love to achieve with

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