The Benefition Of Lying Essay: Persuasive Adversy

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Register to read the introduction… It can be from parents, strangers, and even your friends. Children. From the day they’re born all they get is attention from their parents. If they have siblings they would have to share it. Most kids don’t want to do that. They’d prefer to have all the attention to themselves because they have a sense of self importance. A little girl somewhere must have thought “Ugh! If my baby brother wasn’t sick mom and dad could have watched me dance in the school play.” Or a little boy could be thinking, “I just hit a home run! But where are my parents? Oh yeah. I remember. They’re at the hospital waiting for Sarah to get out of surgery. Why is everything always about her?!” Things like this happen more than you’d think. The little girl could lie and pretend to be sick just to get her parents attention. But what good will that do if they think it’s serious and they take her to the doctor and she’s not really sick. She’d be in a lot of trouble and the attention she now has from her parents is unwanted. The little boy can lie too. He can tell his parents that he broke his back and they’ll finally pay attention to him. But then they make him wear a metal back brace and all his friends at school laugh at him. He gets the attention he wants from his parents but the unwanted attention from his classmates. Another example would be my own. When I was five I used to think things were very simple. I was very naïve and of course I was …show more content…
You may have lied to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings. You can lie to spare your friends, your parents, even strangers. Say you have a friend who is rather large in size and she’s self-conscience about her weight because the guy she likes told her she’s fat and made her cry. The next day she comes up to you and asks “Am I fat?” Most people in this situation might lie and say that she’s as skinny as Paris Hilton and that her crush is a jerk just to avoid hurting her feelings. But the next day thanks to you she has regained her confidence and decides to show up to school in shorts and a tight tank top. Everyone laughs at her because of her size in such small clothing. She looks at herself in the hall mirror and realizes that you lied to her. She comes up to you crying and says “Why didn’t you just tell me the truth?” then she runs away and never talks to you again. A true friend would be honest with her but put it nicely. Say if your parents ask you if you think they’re old and they are like seriously old. You lie and say they’re young and totally “down with the kids” or whatever. Later that week your mother is wearing your clothes and your dad thinks that he’s “da bomb” and that he can hang out with you and your friends at the mall. You just made matters worse for yourself. They think they can do what you do just because you lied to them about their age of the dinosaur. Next thing you know they’re trying to speak your language and

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