Narcissistic Personality Disorder Analysis

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Narcissistic personality disorder is a rare, complex mental disorder. From Mayo clinic the symptoms include Believing your better than others, being obsessed with power, success and attractiveness. Failing to see other’s emotions, setting unrealistic goals and easily being hurt or rejected. The combination creates an easily angered aggressive, person who only cares about themselves. Saber is an Narcissistic, which he picked up from his mother. You can see his Narcissism in three main symptoms expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans, failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings, and setting unrealistic goals.

His mother wanted to give him the “good life” so she gave him an enormous amount of money, which he went through quickly when she went to jail, since he has never been responsible for his actions. He watches his mother manipulate men her whole life though prostitution. He consistently thinks he’s better
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Saber uses this as a chance to plot to kill Mr. Khalil with karima. “We’ve so far spoken in riddles, in the dark. We are going to speak frankly now. I must kill him!” (387). Once again expecting people to go along with his plans. He does not think of any of the consequences and they hatch a plan to kill him. In fact he does not even feel anything after killing Mr. Khalil.
A worker at the hotel tells him about a rumor that Karima was cheating with he Ex-husband, which infuriates Saber. His plan was for them to live off her dead husbands riches, and that cannot happen with another man in the pictures. In sabers mind by not following his plan once again, that she has betrayed him. ‘So Saber goes to Karimas mothers house not worried that the police may be following him. He confronts her about it, she denies saying “you’re an idoit. I risked my life because I love you”. Her love for him, Enraged he kills Karima right as the police show up at the

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