The Bells By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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The Bells By Edgar Allan Poe is about four different types of bells in four different settings. He talks about these four types of bells and describes how the sounds of the bells make people feel. The start of the poem is very happy and childlike, and it progressively gets worse. I believe that this poem represents Poe’s life and how it developed.
In the first stanza, we experience a positive, light-hearted, almost childlike setting. These first bells are sleigh bells and Poe writes about how the bells twinkle in the light and uses words that give off a sense of innocence and joy. He writes about the sleigh bells and children typically enjoy sleighs and the merriment that is associated with riding a sleigh. I believe that this represents his childhood after he gets adopted by Mister Allan. This feeling of innocence and joy help support my theory that this poem is a representation of his life.
In the second stanza, there is once again a happy and joyful mood, but this time it’s with wedding bells. The stanza talks about the joy and happiness and ecstasy that will follow those bells “What a world of happiness their harmony foretells” (17). Poe speaks about the beautiful chiming the bells creat. He says “Oh, from out the sounding cells, / What a gush of euphony voluminously wells” (25-26). I believe that Poe is talking about when he married Virginia and the happiness he felt after marrying her. This hunch I have thought up is supported by the research I have done, which…

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