The Bell Was The End Of Lunch Essay

1116 Words Feb 8th, 2015 null Page
The bell was about to ring to signal the end of lunch. I had already walked over to stand in front of the exit so I could be one of the first ones to leave. There were already a few people standing there, the type of people that like to be early to class, but I was just impatient, and didn’t want to wait behind anybody. More people had slowly started coming and getting in line, waiting for the bell. The clock was right above me. I looked up and counted down the seconds in my head. Preoccupied with that, I couldn’t have predicted what happened next. My whole blouse was wet; something was soaking my top. I looked down to see my clothes soaked with milk and someone holding the carton right in front of me. It was Aqsa, a girl in my class who had recently started going to TiZA. She said “Oops,” but it wasn’t genuine; I could tell she spilled it intentionally. In the distance Wafa was laughing, hysterically. Right away I knew that this was no accident. Feeling powerless, tears started dripping down my face. Sobbing, I yelled out, “Why?” In the background I heard Wafa saying, “Watch your back, next time will be much worse.”
Wafa was the new girl in school; everyone wanted to be her friend. She was tall, thin, and had a dark complexion. She had no trouble making new friends because she was outgoing and could draw everyone in with her smile. She had a gap in between her upper two teeth, but it just added to her appealing features. This sounds cliché, but it is true:…

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