Essay on The Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath And Thelma And Louise

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The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and Thelma and Louise (1999) are both similar in that they are both strong feminist texts, addressing and discussing the issues of women’s rights in early and modern society. To represent this issue, as well as others within the text, both employ the use of characterisation, the development of the protagonists, and themes.
Characters in the two texts play an important role in expressing the limited freedoms and rights of women and the societal conventions they are expected to adhere to. These issues are usually expressed through men’s speech, values and actions towards women. Plath’s The Bell Jar gives many examples through the novel of men’s different personalities, such as dominant, controlling and violent. Buddy Willard is an example of someone who believes in conventional ideals about the place of women, he represents men’s ideals of women and how society dictates women’s future. “He was the kind of man a girl should stay fine and clean for” Esther states early in the novel, showing how women needed to present themselves for men and societies creation of inequality when comparing men and women. In contrast, Thelma and Louise’s Jimmy shows that he cares and respects Louise and her opinions. He seems to understand Louise’s decision to leave him, whereas Buddy questions Esther’s choices. The two text types also portray men who are controlling and violent towards women. This character type is largely represented in Thelma and Louise, with men who…

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