The Beliefs Of The Church Essay

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Confusing Beliefs I have grown up in the Nazarene church all my life, so I never really had much experience with different Christian views. However, I have had small studies on what kind of views some doctrines have that may differ from the Nazarene doctrine and I have come across some things that seem rather confusing or make me wonder how the people of a different doctrine feel about my doctrine. These questions need to be spoken about and some how I will get my answers. To start off in my confusion would be the part of the Catholic doctrine. They pray to Mary which is where I get confused about. In my church, we do not pray to Mary, we understand that she gave birth to Christ but other than that she has no spiritual connection with God. For instance, it is never stated in the bible that we can pray to Mary and God will answer us. However, Jesus Christ is part of the Trinity which means he is God in man form. We pray to Christ because we know that the bible shares that when we call on Him that he will answer us. Where did they get the thought of praying to Mary? Another thing that is different in some doctrines would be the expression of baptism and what that represents. The Catholic church describes it a something that needs to be done for salvation. I personally to not agree with this. I believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins. Repenting and asking for forgiveness and Christ to come into our hearts gives us salvation. I was raised believe that baptism was more…

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