Essay on The Beliefs Of The Catholic Church

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I am Catholic, I was raised by the Catholic faith, baptized, went through Catechism and had confirmation. But, I do have my own personal beliefs. Although there are doctrines of the Catholic church; I do not completely agree with a few of them. My personal faith is to just try the best you can in life and yes live by the word of God, but if I mess up along the way then it 's ok I 'm only human. God does forgive but only if your really mean it and ask for forgiveness. Although I have own beliefs I do respect everyones religion and background.
One of my own personal beliefs that the Catholic church does not agree with is people who are homosexual. The Catholic Church says marriage can only be between a man and woman but the reason is not because of the people themselves. This is because the whole goal of God is to promote life and future generations that is why marriage was meant to be reserved for men and women. While I am completely pro life, I have some concerns with this. God is supposed to love everyone and everything and he does regardless of any indiscretion you may do. My personal belief is that if you love someone then you should be with them. Because God is love. That is also one of the reason why I love our new Pope. Pope Francis, says that the church has the right to express their opinions but not to "intrude spiritually" in the lives of gays and lesbians. He does not Judge homosexuals. The Catechism, the official doctrine of the Catholic church condemns…

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