The Beliefs And Values Of Critical Thinking

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1. Being Critical (Page: 213)

Critical thinking is a way of thinking that does not need any form of education to do so. Critical thinking includes theory, reflection, and action based on the first two. Critical theory gives us a foundation for our critical thinking. It is our beliefs and values that our thoughts stem from. When we reflect we are taking our thoughts and beliefs and critiquing them in order to make them remain the same or change them based on when we know and what we have learned. Once we have critiqued our thoughts, beliefs, values, and opinions we take action upon them. Taking action is something we do to justify our beliefs and consider who is being affected by them. On a daily an individual is thinking critically whether
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This way of thinking has been looked at as a way of creating unequal powers based on race, class, gender, age etc. Moreover, due to this thought process that has been embedded in our minds and the continuous action based on this thought process, these unequal ways of living continue to appear as a normal way of life. Critical theorist challenge these thoughts and what we accept as the truth, even if it isn 't. Their goal is to reveal the “truths” of what we have accepted. Although I am aware of the standards we live by, I never realized how we are living by them on an every day basis. For example, the idea of after marriage women being “stay at home moms” and men working to bring home the …show more content…
What we have learned and understood in previous situations is often applied in our new situations. The text explains it as, what we learn now is connect to the past and the past is applied to the future. Most learning is done informally and accidental for adult learners. Our experiences can be looked at as a resource for us to reference to. On the contrary, learning based on experience can also impact our learning negatively due to our biases, assumptions, and ways of thinking. Based on these thoughts we can be close minded and not open to new ideas. Experience learning also ties into self directed learning and transformative learning. Self directed learning is taking control of your own learning and how you want to learn. Transformation learning is tied into experience learning because it is the process of learning which you question our thoughts and experiences. An example of experience learning for me would be makeup. Doing makeup is one of my hobbies, with doing makeup I try to stay up to date with techniques and products. However, when there is a new technique I am taking my past experiences with other techniques and applying them to the new ones. I often compare them and figure out how to do

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