The Beliefs And Beliefs That Shape Who They Are Their Own Beliefs

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Everyone in the world have their own beliefs and belong to a culture that shape who they are. In their culture, people generally follow rituals and have their own norms that have special meaning to them. For example, Muslims generally follow ‘salat’, which is a practice of praying five times a day. Or even the Irish(and many others)celebrating St. Patrick 's Day by eating corned beef, going to parades, and getting drunk off their ass; eventually where they can’t walk or even having a drunken rage where they simply pass out. Every culture have these wide range of norms that they become accustomed to; however, some like to break away from those traditions and learn new things. As a little girl, going to church was very important; however, overtime my feelings about church itself altered due to certain aspects, whereas as now I’m trying to find myself and my relationship with God. Growing up, going to church was not an option, it was a must! My parents being a Deacon and Deaconess at Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church stipulated my sibling and I to be involved in somewhat of everything the church offered. From being an usher to a choir member, and even a candy striper, I was at church on average four to five days a week, if not more. Which also didn’t include the days I went to mass while in Catholic school. My parents made church a top priority in our family because they believed that “ For we walk by faith, not by sight“( 2 Corinthians. 5:7). They wanted us to be…

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