The Belief Of The Believer Will Receive Salvation By The Mercy Of God

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The book of Jude argues that individuals should not practice apostasy (turning away from God) and practice vigilance against false teachers. Failure to practice both these actions will result in punishment from God.

The understanding of Jude is supported by five points. First, that believers in Christ are entitled to be saved by the grace of God. Even upon sinning, ie practicing apostasy believers are still entitled to grace. Commentator, Dr.Cooper P Abrams III disagrees with this perspective saying, “If a person rejects God, he rejects the only mean there is is to pay for our sins.” However the interpretation is unlikely as the text says, “Dear friends… I was very eager to write to you about the salvation.” (verse 3). Furthermore if we take into account verse 2, “Mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance” we should conclude that the believer will receive salvation by the mercy of God. Therefore we can also conclude that there is no more profound truth in God’s word than in the fact of the love God has extended to man.

Second, believers can conquer the act of apostasy by contending for the faith by staying firm in the word and understanding the truth of the bible. The book is inspired by God and should never be twisted or manipulated. Without studying one cannot know what to defend without understanding the basic doctrines in the bible. Believers can also contend for the faith by growing in a personal relationship with Christ. Another way to contend for the faith is…

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