Essay on The Belief Of God And The Future

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Over the years there has been many different views on if there is sufficient evidence to support belief in God. There have been many philosophical thinkers who have looked into this controversy. Is there a God and if there is how can we prove this is true? There were many philosophical thinkers that had an opinion on this topic, some of the most important in stating sufficient evidence proving gods existence were Saint Augustine, Saint Anslem, and Saint Thomas Aquinas. Saint Augustine was dealing with God and the future. Augustine thought that God knew the future and if he did then everything would unfold exactly in accordance to his knowledge (Palmer, 117). If the events in the future occur due to Gods foreknowledge of them then they are necessary and there is no freedom (Palmer, 117). That being said if there is no freedom then humans aren’t responsible for their acts, which means it would be immoral to punish people for their sins (Palmer, 117). So Augustine’s conclusion on this would be either God is omniscient but immoral, or he is benevolent but ignorant (Palmer, 117). He supports this dilemma by using the arguments that for God there is no past or future, only an eternal present (Palmer, 117). For God everything exists in an eternal moment right then and there at that second. God is outside of time meaning he is eternal. Augustine then admits that Gods knowledge of the world entails necessity, to deny that is incompatible with freedom (Palmer, 118). He believes that…

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