The Behavioral Patterns Of Animal Species Essay

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Violent, loud and highly socialised. Wolves are animals clearly displaying pack mentality. The minority of the group, the alphas, decide the behaviour of the pack. The behavioural patterns of animal species can be viewed in the societal structures of human throughout time. Groups such as the bra boys, a surfing gang located in Maroubra, have implemented pack mentality.
But is this a negative or positive? Does pack mentality help or disadvantage society? Is it a social construct which should be valorised? Psychologist Abraham Maslow formed the base of many modern sociological theories within the book “Motivation and Personality”. This book illustrates the common behavioural patterns of humans in response to natural impulses. His theory states, that among others, human motivations include; survival, safety, social, esteem, and fulfilment.

These motivations cause many to seek a quick sense of fulfilment through the formation of a pack. This fulfilment is achieved through hazardous and irrational methods. Leading to short lived sense of accomplishment; along with the accompanying regret.

Within the documentary, “Bra Boys, Blood is Thicker than Water” the animalist motivations presented within sociological theories is displayed. The group demonstrates the need of the packs survival and involvement in violence, high risk behaviours and territorial behaviour.

The survival of the group appears as a desperate motivation for many members of the surfing gang. The sense…

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