Essay on The Behavioral Context Of The Conflict Triangle

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5.2. Behavior Context
The behavioral Context of the conflict triangle depicts that conflict has a manifest side which explicitly shows to other side of the conflicting parties. This side of the conflict is expressed in terms of direct involvement in a conflict. In relation to this, Mitchel (1981) defined the conflict behavior as actions undertaken by one party in any situation of conflict aimed at the opposing party with intention of making that opponent abandon or modify its goals. Accordingly, the behavioral context of the conflicts in the North Africa and the Sahel region are manifested by deadly attacks and suicide bombings, terrorizing activities, direct fights, abduction, kidnappings and others. In relation to this, in Mail in 2013 a total of 16 terrorist incidents were counted. They included kidnappings, suicide bombings, car-bomb blasts, rocket attacks, and direct assaults on police and military forces, including U.N. peacekeepers (Alexander, 2014, p. 9).
In January 2013, an international donor conference on Mali pledged over $450 million to help cover expenses of the Africa-led International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA) and to begin development projects in the country. Interim President Traore ruled out any negotiations with the Islamists, although he did indicate a willingness to hold talks with secular Tuareg rebels. (Alexander, 2014, p. 9) The manifest aspect of the conflict in Nigeria shows that the Northern Nigeria has been highly unstable since 2009, as…

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