The Behavior Of Today 's Youth Essay

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The applauding behavior of today’s youth has reached epidemic proportions. Their lack of self-respect is reflected in not only by the way they dress, it’s also shown by the way they treat others. Aggressive behavior is shown throughout social media, music and everyday life. Entertainment today contributes to the fact that today’s youth are vulgar, rude, and rebellious and disrespect authority. Parents trying to be friends with their children, instead of being parents is a huge contributing factor. Lack of strong parenting skills add to the cause of this belligerent behavior. Therefore, in writing, I shall endeavor to find the answer using both pros and cons of the subject.

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In viewing the behavior of youth today, one can readily see the lack of self-respect in several ways. Namely, the way they dress. Jeans worn down below their bottom, showing more underwear than necessary, who cares if they wear boxer briefs or tighty-whities. Their clothing appears to be as if it has not been washed for a while, torn, dirty t-shirts with crude words written across their chest. Furthermore, clothes are getting more provocative, they show more skin and it’s sending the wrong message. According to Tracy Stanciel, of Chicago Now, the parents are responsible for the way their daughters dress due to the fact, they allow them to. Parents buy the clothes and therefore, they should be aware of what the girls re…

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