Essay on The Behavior Change Is Difficult For Me

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Choosing a topic for the behavior change was difficult for me to be completely honest. I kept going back and forth on different topics, and I finally settled on a behavior change that focused on my diet. Once I knew I wanted to change something about my diet, I thought about what it was that would benefit my diet by cutting out or changing, so I finally decided to reduce my sugar in take, as well as processed food. I knew by doing this I would feel better, both physically and mentally, and I wouldn’t have such a sweet tooth in the future. While I don’t eat a lot of processed food or sugar-laden food, I know it never hurts to cut back, and that is what I set as my behavior change for this semester. The steps I took to achieve my goals were simple and laid out well. I knew it would be very difficult to cut out sugar and processed food cold turkey, so I decided to start slowly and start only a few days a week where I could cut out sugar. By October 1, I want to go 3 days a week with no sugar or processed food, or at least most of my meals free of sugar. By November 1, I wanted to go 4 days a week without sugar or processed food, and by December 1, go 5-6 days a week without sugar or processed food. These goals were simple enough, and were reasonable to accomplish to obtain my goal. Truthfully, cutting out sugar and processed food, at even a few days a week was difficult. Not because I craved the food, but because I don’t have a way to make my own food, and much of the…

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