Essay on The Beginnings Of Grief By Adam Haslett

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In the story “The Beginnings of grief” Adam Haslett’s protagonist demonstrate the power that grief can have in a person 's life, and one may find comfort in pain and violent encounters with another human being while one is gathering the strength to survive. Through the story the protagonist a young teenage boy who loses his mother after she suicide herself is then is followed by the death of his father in a car crash. At such a young age this boy describes the pain he goes through by the way he responds in regards to how others treat him. He demonstrates how grief can alter a person 's life and to the extent a person can think a healthy relationship with another person is like. In the beginning of the story, his character is portrayed as an unhappy person. His unhappiness is seen throughout the rest of the story by letting the boy he likes mistreat him and find a strange connection between pain and love. He find beauty in the ugliness of this boy, “I found the class entrancing for another reason: the chance to be with Gramm Slater, an angry, cherub-faced boy who wore steel-tip boots and a baseball cap pulled over his brow”(54). He shows that his character just want to find another distraction from the pain of his parents loss, the careful description of what this boy looks like take his mind away from his grief. Gramm can provide him with the thought of love and comfort he wants to get in his life. Although it may seem obscured and crazy, he relies on on others to make…

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