The Beginning Stages Of The Writing And Publication Process Essays

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The Beginning Stages of the Writing and Publication Process: Matching the Topic to the Journal
The Canadian Nurses Association encourages registered nurses to engage in scholarly practice as a means for sharing knowledge and expertise (Canadian Nurses Association, 2007). Publishing a manuscript is one example of how scholarly practice can be demonstrated. Manuscript publication is an extensive process that requires precise planning (Albarran & Scholes, 2005). In preparation for future scholarly practice, graduate students enrolled in Athabasca University’s NURS 611: Dissemination Strategies are provided with a mentorship-style learning opportunity to gain knowledge of the writing and publication process.
There are many types of manuscripts that can be written for publication. Regardless of type, published manuscripts act as a vehicle for sharing, debating and critically reviewing new and classic nursing knowledge to improve patient care. Selecting a relevant topic that warrants analysis is critical. Journal editors seek manuscripts that are captivating and will stimulate discussion or change (Dixon, 2001). Furthermore, selecting a journal that aligns with the manuscript topic, purpose and type increases the chances of publication approval. Identifying and understanding the journal’s instructions for authors and performing a market analysis can assist in the selection process.
The purpose of this paper is to identify the manuscript topic, purpose and style, and discuss the…

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