Essay about The Beginning Of The Victorian Period

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There are many authors who used religion as a way to either escape from what was happening in the world, or used that faith as a guiding factor to be able to survive a time that they thought they were all doomed. Starting in the Victorian Period there were many changes happening; science was being more predominant and new discoveries were made that scared a lot of people. Everything was moving so quickly that many felt they couldn’t keep up, so they used their faith as something that was constant to help them stay steady throughout this treacherous time. In the Twentieth Century more people were adjusted to the quicker way of life, but there were still issues such as war happening. The difference between the two time periods is that in the Victorian time period the authors were more direct with their connections to religion, and wrote about it in a positive position; where as in the Twentieth Century they integrated it in with their own personal feelings of what was happening in the world at that time, and often this created a darker depiction of Hell and purgatory. In the Victorian period Elizabeth Barrett browning wrote a sonnet about her faith and how many different ways she loves God. The sonnet is titled “43” but I will refer to it as “How do I love thee”. In this Sonnet she uses words such as, “Grace”, “Praise”, “faith”, “God”, and “Saints”(1148). She is directly connecting with her religion by using these focus words that connect to Christianity and the Bible.…

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