The Beginning Of The Civil War Essay

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This paper discusses the beginning aspects of the Civil War, along with the issues that took place during that time period. The Civil War was a crucial event in American history. It had a significant impact on our nation, and shaped who we are as Americans. The Civil War was able to open a door that would then lead to many opportunities in the future. After this event, it brought our nation together after the suffering of one of the most prominent battles in American history. In this paper I will discuss many decisions that were made by Northern and Southern personalities, the issues of slavery, and the laws that were made by the Union and Confederate states.
Northern Personalities
First, there were many people who were well known leaders of the Civil War that played a role in various decision-making procedures. Abraham Lincoln is commonly known as the man who paved the way to slavery abolition. (Abraham Lincoln, 2009) He moved from Kentucky to Illinois to become a Lawyer, which led him to win most of the votes from the North and was inaugurated as the 16th President in 1861. “Lincoln ordered a fleet of Union ships to supply South Carolina’s Fort Sumter in April, the Confederates fired on both the fort and the Union fleet, beginning the Civil War”. (Abraham Lincoln, 2009) Jefferson Davis was the Confederate President of 11 states at the time of the first shots that started the Civil War. He was one of many in a political position who opposed the Compromise of 1850.

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