The Beginning Of Misery : The Novel ' Pandora 's Box ' Essay example

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The Beginning of Misery
Human suffering has been around since the beginning of time. People have fought diseases, death, and conflict. Parents teach their children to expect these things and children find their own ways of dealing with these problems. In Greek Mythology, Pandora made all of these things possible when she opened the box that held all of these miseries. The story of Pandora’s box helps explain to those who are interested in mythology where the sufferings of the world originated.
Pandora’s story starts with the creation of humans. Zeus, the god of the skies, requested that Prometheus create humans to walk the earth. The brother of Prometheus, Epimetheus, was tasked with creating animals and while he was creating them, he gave out all the gifts that were available. This made Prometheus angry and he decided to find a new gift for humans. Although Zeus had ordered the gods not to give humans fire, Prometheus ignored the command and gave humans access to fire (“Myths and Legends”).
Zeus was greatly angered and wanted to punish Prometheus and his humans. Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock for many years, but wasn’t satisfied with the results. Zeus decided to take revenge on the humans Prometheus had created. He called on Hephaestus to help him by creating misery for humans. Hephaestus, along with the other gods created the first female human to live on the earth. Each god gave the woman a gift and she was given the name Pandora, which means “She who has given all…

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