The Beginning Of A New Me Essay

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The Beginning of a New Me It was the 2nd semester of 11th grade when I realized what kind of an irresponsible immature I was. I was an ungrateful person who didn’t care about no one else but herself. School was not important not at all. I rarely attended to any of my classes it was boring in my opinion. I was lazy never did my homework if I did attend to class it was always late. I was never home I was always with my “friends”. I never listened to my mom I was just a rebelled teenager who didn’t know anything. I always blamed my family problems into being the reason why I was such a horrible person. I guess part of it was true I saw my life as something horrible. No I was not a emo girl who would dress up in black all the time with hair on her face and who would cut her wrist. I was a normal person but I didn’t feel like I had a normal life. Let me tell you a bit of what went on around my house and how my life was. I never met my dad and so I was raised by a single mother. She was never home she was always working I had to stay with a babysitter every day all day. I was 7 when my mom met her new love who now is my step dad. That man is the worst man I’ve ever met in my whole entire life. He is the reason why I saw my life so horribly. He dislikes me actually he hates me we don’t get along at all. The reason why I was never home was because I hated being around him he would always treat me bad he was always calling me bad words he would always do anything to hurt my…

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