The Beginning And Fall Of Rome Essay

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INTRODUCTION Both the beginning and fall of Rome were destined to be. When Rome first began they were the powerhouse of their era, taking and conquering every country they had encountered. The Romans likely conquered as much countries, as much as they influenced, especially in Britain. Conquering Britain may have been the best and worst thing the Romans had ever did. Like a double edged sword, it both benefitted Rome and paved the way to Rome’s destined descent.

THE ROMAN INVASION In reality the invasion of Britain was a war of prestige. The ruler of Rome was just crowned and the senate had disagreed with making Claudius king, so he did something that was guaranteed to secure his position, he conquered a country. “It is a mistake to regard the ‘Ancient Britons’, as we used to call them, as a single nation, for by the time Caesar [and Claudius Agricola] came, Britain had already been the home of many races” (Priestley 3). When the Claudian invasion came to this new place called Britain, they had encountered a tribe of the natives. The Britons there had made a great effort in trying to protect their land but the Romans were too much for them and they had been defeated. Conquering the tribe had left a wide gap open to the capital, and given that opportunity the Romans immediately charged towards the capital and took over it. The Romans soon monopolized most of the area’s the ancient Britons had once inhabited. But still, even after conquering Britain, there was a big…

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