The Beauty Standard Of American Culture Essay

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Do women feel the need to make drastic changes to their body to compete with how the media portrays the “ideal women”.

Women have held themselves to unattainable beauty standards because of how the media portrays the “ideal woman”. The media describes the “ideal woman” as someone who is thin, has perfect skin, and beautiful hair. The need to achieve this unreachable beauty standard can result in the resort to drastic measures such as severe eating disorders. Eating disorders can start as early as the age of eight but affect most teenage girls at the age of fifteen.Teenage girls feel pressures everywhere. At home, school, and even from magazines and TV shows.These pressures can lead to eating disorders that include Anorexia Nervosa, and Bulimia Nervosa. Research shows, 0.3 percent of youth have been affected by anorexia, 0.9 percent by bulimia (NIMH).
Women have been shown in the media for a long time and are often the main target in the media based on their looks. Put simply, the beauty standard of American culture is thin. Large populations of ‘average’ girls do not demonstrate clinically diagnosable eating disorders but rather an entirely normative obsession with body shape and size (cutler). This idea of society accepting that being extremely thin is “normal” is something that has to stop.The media is everywhere. We all know that. But what 's harmful to us is that we construct an idea of who we want to be based on what we see on TV and social media. Adolescent…

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