Essay on The Beauty Pageant, By Julia Alvarez

1122 Words Oct 24th, 2016 5 Pages
Julia Alvarez writes “I Want to Be Miss America”, to open people’s eyes to how something as small as a beauty pageant makes a huge difference on a teenage girl’s self-esteem and childhood. Alvarez makes a strong argument using pathos and ethos to sate her claim. She claims that everyday teenagers are trying to mold themselves into what they see in pageants in order to feel beautiful and fit in. Constantly trying to fit into the American ideal of beauty creates low self-esteem in teenagers and makes them feel left out.
Alvarez deals with the ethical issue of misrepresentation of ethnicities in the pageant world. Many people could say that there is representation at the pageant but Alvarez states “if there was a ‘Hispanic,’ she usually looked all-American” (Alvarez, 2539). Alvarez is showing that she knows the pageant world adds someone of Hispanic descent to show that they do have diversity. However, when they have “diversity” it is not an authentic depiction of what it truly looks like to be of Hispanic descent. This further stresses Alvarez’s claim that the misrepresentation leads teenagers, like herself, to believe that they can never become the American ideal of beauty. Alvarez truly felt that there was no way she could ever look or feel pretty in America’s eyes because she did not look like the miss America contestants. She has many personal stories throughout her essay but she chooses to use one about buying makeup to strengthen her claim. She uses her personal…

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