The Beauty Of The Room Essay

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The room was full of high class politicians and aristocrats, sipping champagne and making idle chitchat with each other. They all danced to the music of a live orchestra and dined on the gourmet food at the back of the room. Everyone seemed like they were having a wonderful time as they all got slightly drunk- all except a young woman in a red dress.

She sat alone at a silk covered table, a seemingly neutral or bored expression adorning her delicate face. Quizzically taking in the room, she made some observations about her environment. The girl noted that the room held an air of elegance that rivaled the 18th century.

Giant columns covered in beautiful cream molding held the gold ceiling up. The floor was also gold and polished so well the woman was surprised none of the tipsy party goers had toppled over yet. Scarlet painted the walls that weren 't covered in cream or gold molding and giant windows provided a wonderful view out into the courtyard. While everything was beautiful, the girl found it to be a little over the top or gaudy. She forgot to acknowledge the fact that nothing was too gaudy for 2113.

Her eyes moved from the walls to the waltzing as she studied the other guests. Most of the men wore black suits along with a matching bow tie. The only men that truly seemed to be having a good time were those that held a glass in their hand. This of course, didn 't surprise the girl as she knew fully well how disappointing the party was…

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