The Beauty Of A Woman 's Sex Appeal Essay

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On a scale of 1-10 how beautiful is the girl you are looking at? Does she have a small waist, nice hips, thick thighs, D-cup breasts, and packing in the rear? If yes, then your type of woman is the best there is. Society today have completely disregarded the real qualities that make a woman beautiful and physically ushered in this definition of beauty. The reason for this is that our culture has manipulated women over and over again to look like this or that to get eyes on them. The result is now a lack of confidence. But alas my young ladies, there is an art that can save you. Introducing makeup, the sorcery that can bewitch any man. With this, women can now go out in the world and feel secure about themselves. Women should not be fooled that this kind of thinking is ‘’beauty’’. Characteristics such as personality, self-respect, or ambition is truly what is important.
The term beauty seems to be constrained to a woman 's sex appeal. For example, large breasts, a tight body, and luscious lips. Nowadays, this is enough to ensnare any man easily. There seems to be a line between reality and ideally that we as people aimlessly seem to reach. For example, according to a study in 2012 by British researchers, 40 females and 40 men were allowed to design the body type they prefer. The result was that the women preferred larger breasts more so than the men! Moreover, a Newcastle University professor, Martin Tovée, responded to the study with ‘’the female participants were…

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