Essay The Beauty Of A Circus Show

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This piece of artwork caught my attention right away when I saw it, because by looking at it, I feel very relaxed and peaceful. There are many color in this artwork, but blue is the color that stand out the most. It represents the sea water, the sky, and the meaning of peace/ freedom. If you take a look close to the sea water, you can tell the water is very clear and fresh. Above the water is little waves to make it seem like its moving. Besides that, there are other tones like orange, green, white, brown, black, red, and purple. Each color symbolizes something like brown represents the skin color of the animal, or green and orange represent the clothes or body of the people. When I look at this painting, I can tell that this is a circus show where the animals do tricks to make the audience feel happy. All the audiences are located on the left side of the painting, and between them are several coconut palm. I cannot see the face of the audience, because Alexis draw them really small/ tiny and they start fading from darkest to lightest. I can only distinguish them by the color of their shirt and skin color. In front of the audience is a large pool fill with a lot of water, and different type of animal such as dolphin, octopus, whale, seal, crocodile, eel, etc. There is a long fence, to make the audience feel safe as well as separate them away from the animal. Most of them are under the water and the rest of them are above the water to do some tricks. There is a big rock and…

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