The Beauty Industry Not So Beautiful Essays

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The Beauty Industry Not So Beautiful The amount of eating disorders in both men and women are at an all- time high across the country. Eating disorders and negative body image, have the highest fatality rate out of all mental illnesses. Not only are our self-body image issues increasing, our beauty and fashion industries profit is increasing. In Both the beauty, and fashion industries, the standards are unrealistic and are causing; eating disorders and negative body images on both men and women. These industries standards need to show a dramatic change, to fit a healthy lifestyle, or with investigations need to be held responsible for these disorders.
Body image is exactly what you perceive yourself to be. Say, a male who is underweight may look in the mirror and think they are two times the size then what they are. A male who is overweight may perceive themselves as two times less than what they are: this issue is called body dysmorphia. Issues such as body dysmorphia or other body image issues, can come in affect when a person or an event takes place that makes you feel a negatively towards your body. For example; “the gymnast who is continually chided by her coach and fellow athletes to lose a little weight, may develop a deeply ingrained and long standing dissatisfaction with her body, no matter how thin she becomes.” (Eating Disorder Hope). Once body image issues begin, unless the process is stopped, eating disorders begin. This is because you begin to take…

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