The Beauty Industry Has A Huge Impact On Society Essay

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As much as the beauty industry seems glamorous, there are many issues around the billion-dollar industry that affects a large majority of the population. The beauty industry is an industry that makes a huge impact on society today. So many young girls are striving to be what society perceives as beautiful by buying tons of beauty products and magazines that can give them that boost. As much as the beauty industry can have positive effects to our health, there an ugly side to the beauty industry.
The beauty industry consists of different areas such as hair care, makeup, skin care, fragrances, spas, beauty salons, cosmetic surgery, modeling and more. (WiseGeek). The beauty industry has very deep roots within history. Since the start of the human race, people have always been trying to seek out ways to make themselves look more noticeable and beautiful. The perception of beauty changes a lot and differs between different cultures; the beauty industry accommodates to every new trend that can help someone enhance their natural beauty or even change it completely using cosmetic surgery (WiseGeek).
Health concerns are a big issue in the beauty industry. Since 2005, the number of people getting cosmetic surgery have quadrupled in size to 55 million expected to be done within 2015 (Heights, 2014)! The perception of beauty has changed since then and more people are opting to get the more “Curvy” look. Since cosmetic surgery is so expensive more people are opting to get illegal work…

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