The Beatles : The Greatest And Most Influential Band Of The Rock Era

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The Beatles The Beatles are known as the greatest and most influential band of the rock era. They were part of the British Invasion, and took the world by storm with their records. Despite how long it has been since The Beatles were together, they are still remembered and admired by millions of people. There is much history of this band that changed the music world.
The band originally consisted of bassist and vocalist Paul McCartney, guitarist and vocalist John Lennon, lead guitarist and vocalist George Harrison, drummer Pete Best, and bassist Stuart Sutcliffe. In the summer of 1957, Paul McCartney and John Lennon met in Liverpool, they were both teenagers. (Internet Movie Database 1). Paul was astonished by John’s skills on acoustic guitar, and was invited soon after to join John’s group called The Quarrymen (Internet Movie Database 1). Then, they met their lead guitarist George Harrison in 1958. They were later joined by vocalist Stuart Sutcliffe and vocalist Pete Best (White 2).
Once all the members were in place, the band went through many different names until John finally decided on a name. One of their original names was The Silver Beetles, so John decided to mix the word beat with beetle, and therefore The Beatles were their permanent name (White 2). In 1960, Ringo Starr became their new drummer. Pete Best, their first drummer, did not have the necessary talent to be in the group. The band did not feel like Best met their standards, so they had to let him go.

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