The Beatles Influence On Music And Culture

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The Beatles
The Beatles are one of the best artists of all time. Nobody in history of music was as popular as the Beatles. Everyone knows the Beatles. You don 't have to love them, but you do have to respect them. Michael Stipe from REM once said “The Beatles are elevator music.” To which Ringo Starr responded “If it weren 't for the Beatles, REM would still be taking the stairs.” The Beatles are one of the most iconic cultural legacies of the 20th Century and their influence shows itself in contemporary music and culture, which could not exist if the Beatles ' hadn 't pushed the boundaries of antiquated social norms through a combination of their mass popularity and incendiary music, lyrics, lifestyles, and ideals. Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr still tour and produce new music and keep the Beatles ' legacy
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When Gina was growing up, all kids liked the Beatles because it was defined the right music. They could not listen to hard rock and rap because it was considered “bad influence”. “Everyone in my social circles, including friends, colleagues, family members, and mentors respect, and generally like the Beatles. While we certainly do not listen exclusively to their music, we all acknowledge and respect their status in music and cultural history.” – Gina. The Beatles were revolutionary for incorporating Blues and Soul music, which were traditionally considered African American genres, into mainstream pop music and in doing so produced a hybrid sound that appealed to young people (now all people) across racial, cultural, and socioeconomic lines. When I asked Gina if she feel close to people who listen her type music, she answered that she don’t know anybody who isn’t at least familiar with the Beatles’ music. The place she grew up and the person she is define her identity were the Beatles are part of the culture and everybody should know

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