The Beatles And Its Impact On Fashion, Culture, And Music Essay

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The incessant, ear-piercing screams of the fans echo through the arena. The music pours out of the speakers with a beat that shakes the stadium. A socio-cultural revolution is underway, and it has a soundtrack. Records fly left and right off the shelves, and the band skyrockets to the top of the charts. However, fame, fortune, and stress soon engulf them as they orchestrate seventeen hit singles and sell an estimated 600 million records worldwide. This legendary band entered the world at a time when people needed an escape from the chaos, and they truly connected with their generation. They were an unprecedented phenomenon that exhibited a unique sound while maintaining simplicity. The Beatles are the most influential band in history due to their impact on fashion, culture, and music. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are the definition of the original boy band. Collarless suits adorned their bodies while they sported a hairstyle that portrayed the image of rebellion. These now fashion icons influenced the society of the 1960s. The mop-top, “also known as the Beatle haircut, gets its name because of its resemblance to a wet mop” (Fernandes). “It is a straight cut – collar-length at the back and over the ears at the sides, with bangs” (Times Reporter). This trend was so popular that as manufactures rushed to produce Beatle wigs, fans lined the streets to buy them. However, this haircut was not just a new image, it was a hairstyle that displayed…

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