Essay on The Bearing Of Abuse And Sexual Abuse

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The bearing of abuse leaves deep emotional scars--the child never learns how to deal with true life pressures. Life stressors that may lead the battered to become the batterer. In the book, “Loving Your Child to Much”, it explains that emotional intelligence is attained by “…teaching children how to deal with anger, disappointment, fear, excitement, and the other emotions we all experience in life” (Clinton & Sibcy, 2006, p170).
Sexual abuse does not show external physical signs, but there are symptoms to look for too! Sexual abuse can range from exploiting children and “…ranges from showing pornographic material to a child to inappropriate touching of and by the child and actual penetration” (Shelby, 2008). Although hard to detect, child sexual abuse detection can be evident by the child talking about it, acting out uncommon sexual behavior in public, or displaying sexual acts with peers during play time. When abuse is discussed neglect is usually not part of the topic. Yet, neglect is also a form of abuse and it too has long-term negative wellbeing risk. Research indicates that “One in ten children may be experiencing some form of neglect” (Daniel, 2015). The signs of neglect may be openly visible physically, but may also include emotional abuse and obvious when a parent is not able to meet their God given responsibilities, “…the failure to provide adequate physical care” (Shelby, 2008, p 35). The signs of neglect may include malnutrition, physical cleanliness, and…

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