Essay on The Bear By William Faulkner

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Opposition is Just an Idea “The Bear” written by William Faulkner is a short story told through the eyes of the main character, Isaac “Ike” McCaslin. The short story portrays how “Ike’s childhood is structured on the promise and then the reality, of the participating in the autumnal hunt in the big woods” ultimately to capture the bear named Old Ben (Anna Priddy Go Down, Moses). Through symbolism, characterization, and imagery, William Faulkner proves that one should not let opposing views alter his thinking. Within “The Bear,” Faulkner uses symbolism to show how Ike has grown as a character and how he does not let the views of others change what he believes. While in the woods at their campsite, Sam Fathers explains that Ike “will have to choose” whether or not he wants to come in contact with the bear (Faulkner 205). The choice Ike will make represents how Fathers wants Ike to take initiative and be strong in what he believes is right and how his choice can interfere with what others think. Throughout the selection, Ike acts based on what “Sam ha[s] taught him” (Faulkner 199). Fathers symbolizes the father figure in Ike’s life and his motivation to complete the quest. The writer makes it evident that “Sam Fathers seems to bequeath to” Ike (Anna Priddy). Due to the impact Fathers has on Ike, he develops an independent nature. Unlike others, Fathers’ impact on Ike is positive and does not interfere with the mindset he already has. During the hunt, Fathers makes clear…

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