The Beach : Bondi Beach Essay

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Neighborhood: Bondi Beach

As a tourist, one of the most iconic places to visit while in Sydney that is on almost every must see list or article is Bondi Beach, one kilometer long and the widest beach in the Sydney Region, located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs (Bondi Beach). It is noted as having “played a central role in the development of Australia 's beach culture and in developing our sense of national identity.” Beaches as a whole are an important part of the Australian culture and that importance is reflected by those who it inspires, such as painters, photographers, filmmakers, writers, and poets (National Heritage Places- Bondi Beach). The Australian Government Department of the Environment boasts that visitors can enjoy what they call ‘natural’ features of the beach, or the man-made, constructed pavilions, promenades, etc (National Heritage Places- Bondi Beach). I think it’s interesting that, in order to appeal to people they use the ‘natural’ features of the beach as a selling point, while creating the distinction between what they consider ‘natural’ versus what is human constructed. In fact, that’s one of the first things mentioned on the website, which shows how vital the idea of being surrounded by ‘nature’ is. I also find it quite fascinating how they’re using the ‘natural’ features of the beach as a selling point, which brings up the question of it being a commodity, something William Cronon talks about in his work. For this photo journal essay I chose Bondi…

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