Essay about The Beach And Surf Environment

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Question 1 (practical experience)
What is your knowledge of the beach and surf environment? Please give details of any previous experience of lifeguarding, lifesaving and first aid.

My family has had a beach hut at sandbanks since before I was born and therefore a lot of my time in the summer growing up was spent at the beach. Also, for about a year I attended a junior lifeguarding club twice a week at the Poole Dolphin Centre, and on numerous occasions we went to the beach in the evening to do some lifeguard training on the beach and in the sea. For example, we were given rescue paddleboard training in the sea. As well as this, there was a theoretical side to the clubs training and for the first half hour of each Thursday session we learnt about lifesaving and first aid. I was also a member at North Haven Yacht club in Sandbanks with my family for a few years, in which I spent some time on the water and had experience with driving a RIB. Furthermore, I completed a basic first aid and CPR course 4 years ago ran by St John Ambulance.

Question 2 (community involvement)
Describe any involvement you have had within your local community and what additional skills, qualities and experiences did you gain? If you have been a member of a club or society which you think is relevant to this position give details here.

Working in the aftersales department at John Lewis Poole for a short time meant I had to regularly deal with customer complaints and queries, developing my ability to…

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