The Bay Of Pigs Case Study

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The date is October 27, 1962, and it is a brisk fall day in Michigan. Normally, I could hear children playing outside of my office window but not today. Today, all that can be heard is wind passing through the city and the feeling of despair resonates throughout the populace. The blockade went up merely two days ago and I want to believe that it will be enough to subdue the U.S.S.R. forces but I am unsure if the blockade will hold. President Kennedy has been totally against using first strike measures because he doesn 't want to enter another unnecessary war, however most citizens have been living in a state of panic and distress. The citizens believe that the strikes would be bad but they would end the restlessness that can be felt even in …show more content…
This conflict between Cuba, U.S.S.R, and the United States can be boiled down to two conclusions: These nations begin a nuclear war with few to none survivors or these nations do not participate in a nuclear war and everyone lives. I have been tasked with dealing with two scenarios: The first scenario is if we decided to strike Cuba, what does the day after look like. The second scenario is that if we wait and the United States is hit with a nuclear weapon from Cuba, what does October 28, 1962, look like for an average American.

I believe that the biggest issue is that Khrushchev has sent a letter that appears to explain that Khrushchev doesn 't really want to go to war and that he is willing to negotiate. The analyst of this agency do not trust this negotiation for two
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The innocent victims and lives taken were immense and the sorrow felt resonated across the globe. The perspective from other countries after the United States utilized nuclear weapons on Japan was of disdain. The United States were seen as bullies and as absolute war mongers due to the impact the nuclear weapon had on the environment and the species that reside in it. If the United States is to drop a nuclear bomb on the site where the U.S.S.Rn 's are constructing their nuclear weapons the fallout would be immense. If the United States were to drop a nuclear bomb on Cuba the first people effect would be the locals. Their whole life would be affected and Cuba would essentially be wiped off the map and the local residents who survived would have to leave the area due to the immense radiation coming from the impact site. The United States would be responsible for displacing these individuals and immigrating them to various parts of the United States. This poses an issue because these people would have been part of the missile crisis issue until moments ago. The individuals living outside the blast radius but still affected by the nuclear weapon strike would have to be removed from Cuba as well. The native individuals who reside on Cuba would have negative views and attitudes with

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